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“Dali.” Tang Muxin supported her chin with both her hands and grinned as she looked at this little fellow, asking, “Although it’s a little ugly, it’s still a little baby, after all. Let’s give it a name.”


“I don’t want to either!” Qianxue said helplessly, “But you are the only person I can talk to! I’m a Galaxy Aristocrat, ordinary people would be too scared to do anything like that with me. If I ask another Galaxy Aristocrat, what if they think I really want to marry them?! If that happens, I will never be able to explain myself! You are my last resort…”


Sister Green Bird did indeed never tell Hong Dali how to hatch it because there wasn’t a need to tell him—once he took out the egg, it instantly cracked!


“Understood!” Everyone laughed and agreed. They prepared to return to their rooms to train—everything that happened previously had affected them deeply and they all felt the looming danger. They had to train. Lackeys who could not help their masters were definitely not qualified lackeys!


“Not yet.” The guard respectful said, “Our people are still trying to contact them. According to our prediction, they might have met with the Zerg race and are battling now. Otherwise, we shouldn’t have lost contact with them.”


Since he had agreed, Yin Tianzong instantly instructed his subordinate. “You, come here. Brother Dali said that he wants my filming company, so transfer it to his name later. Together with the company building too, understand?”

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Aye. The old man sighed and shook his head helplessly. Its a pity. Such a super genius appeared in the Milky Way, but we were not able to find this person after so long. This has the Galaxy Aristocrats all worried. There is no clue at all. Who this person is, if its a man or a woman, young or old, no one knows.


After eating three Dali beans in a row, Acka was finally satisfied. It nudged Hong Dalis arm and fell asleep again.


“I understand. I will be careful.” Jiang Duxing smiled wryly. “Aye, I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried. It’s worrying.”


This time, it was different from the pastHong Dali had Tang Muxin on the left and Jiang Qianxue on the right. An army of lackeys and guards followed behind him. Everyone on the streets stood on the sides and bowed at forty-five degrees in unison!


God, if Levis wear this, won’t he become invincible in the virtual world!?


Its here. Hong Dali looked and beamed. There are already over two hundred points. Its no problem, then!


“Wahahaha, Uncle Chief, long time no see!” Hong Dali’s tears welled up when he saw the Bureau Chief. He went up to give him a tight hug. “I finally meet my family after so many days, haha!”



“Ah? Say something?” Hong Weiguo clearly felt uneasy. He was a man, after all. He did not express his feelings freely like his wife. But his pride, Hong Dali, had returned. It was certainly worth saying something. He stood up and sat beside Hong Dali. After a long time, he finally said, “Come home often.”



He would have to watch Jiang Qianxue. If she fell in love with this super-genius, if this super-genius was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, it would be problematic!


“Ex… experimental lovers!” Everyone started with their eyes wide open. “Young Master, you are really… awesome! In just a while, you dragged a Galaxy Aristocrat back to be an experimental partner! Oh my God…”


“Why are there so many Zergs here?” Whilst chasing the Zergs, the captain frowned and pondered. “Could it be that there is something on Earth that’s attracting the Zergs? If not, according to logic, even if the Zergs appear here, there shouldn’t be such a massive scale. And from the looks of it, their destination is fixed on Earth. Even with we chasing and killing them from behind, there isn’t any response from them. This is really strange…”

  • The accessory she pointed at was a shiny little necklace. It was blue like the sea and very pretty. It was also inexpensive at only one hundred and twenty-eight Galaxy Dollars.
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