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In just a short while, Acka had finished eating one core. Then, it went to the Meridian Seven Star Sword—after Yin Tianzong got the Heavenly Frost Sword, he returned this Meridian Seven Star Sword to Hong Dali. Now, it went into Acka’s stomach—the whole process lasted less than two minutes…


Honestly speaking, the great Uncle Eagle Eye and the super great Mister Gate were really efficient when they worked. Mihawk waved his black sword about wildly and hacked vehemently at everything. As long as it was something that did not seem pleasing, he hacked it off! Mister Gate followed behind moving and piling up all the bits that got hacked off. First, they made a circle on the ground, then they further cut the hacked off material into smaller pieces. Li Yang and the other lackeys went out and bought back something that worked like cement and plastered it on the circle of chips…


Oh? Such a thing happened? Jiang Dongliu rubbed his chin and asked curiously, Mo Tianji may have been the number one fighter in the Galaxy all those years ago, but I dont think even he had top-grade gems like these. Its also impossible for White Beard Gate to have given him such good stuff so soon. I wonder how this young man got them. And you mentioned that he gave away a few pieces all at once? This is really strange.


The appearance of a super-genius who completed all 30 levels of the Tower of Trials in one day was very significant. Those who didn’t understand this would only think that a person who was good at fighting had appeared. However, those who had lived long enough in the Galaxy Alliance Center all understood what the appearance of such a genius represented.


An old man who looked about 60 plus years old with a skinny figure, had snow-white long hair that covered his ears, and his eyebrows were as much as an inch long. He wore a large flowery shirt and a pair of round sunglasses. Below, he wore large trousers with a pair of slippers on his feet. With his hands clasped behind his back, he looked up at the large screen on the Tower of Trials, smiled and said, “Yoyoyo, he actually completed all of the levels. Looks like things will become interesting this time. This person can be considered to be a once in a thousand years genius, right? Even the Demon Killing Sword, Duan Xuan, was slightly weaker than him, right? Impressive, really impressive!”


En, en, en. My Xinxin has always been capable. Tang Ruixi grinned and patted on the back of Tang Muxins hand. I could tell since you were a little girl.

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Of course! Little Bai Hechou grew really fast. Even his learning ability was exceptionally fast. Hong Dali had not seen him for so long, he had learned most of what he needed to learn. I usually learn martial arts with Big Grandfather. Im really powerful now. I have gotten to chapter eight of the Demon Fantasy Record. I can control mysterious energy now. Big Grandfather said it wont be long before I can absorb dark energy.


Aye, you have grown up. Sooner or later, you will leave home. Tang Ruixi did not have too big a reaction. His voice was calm. Im quite reassured that youre with Dali. Dali is protective and is quite capable. Just dont get bullied by himoh right, did he bully you recently? If he did, I will beat up his father for you!


“Hahahaha, kid, you are very courageous.” Mister Gate looked at Hong Dali carefully and suddenly shook his head. “I heard this other kid here call you ‘Boss’. That means you are the little prodigal who paid one hundred and twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars a month for me?”


Gem processing, embedding, and magic enhancement: Use one hundred attribute points to unlock skill upgrade. Skill upgrade: Host can use one million Galaxy Dollars to combine two attribute gems. After combination, the original attributes of the gems will be reduced by two points. Combined gems will have double attributes. Additional explanation: Funds spent on this will not be taken into the total squandered value. Next level: Ability to combine gems into triple attribute gems and point reduction from original value reduced.


It was a young man who was about twenty-five years old with red hair and an arrogant smile on his face. He had his arms around two pretty young females, one on each side. Most importantly, he was wearing an orange-level Honorary Aristocrats cloak!


You are the number one interstellar pirate kind, indeed. I cant hide anything from you. The old man sighed and said, What I wanted to ask you is, are you the one who passed level thirty of the Tower of Trials?


“Grape wine?” Mister Gate stroked his crescent moon-shaped beard and said, “It’s such a small bottle. It will be finished in one gulp. How else is there to drink it? It should be drunk with a bowl. A big bowl, so it’ll have enough kick!”



“Teacher Wang might be able to fight them too, but his mecha belongs to the close combat type. Against the Zergs, I reckon its effect is only average.” The Bureau Chief thought for a while and suddenly said, “Instead, if we can repair the energy core for the Thunder Angel, it might be useful against the Zergs.”



“Oh.” Hong Dali rubbed his chin and thought about it. Suddenly, he said, “Speaking of which, Pops, I forgot to give you a greeting present.” As he spoke, he pulled up a big pile of armor from his space watch and said, ” Pops, you’re a little too big. When I was buying these armor I did not plan for this. How about you pick a few and dig the gems out instead?”


Gate, when did you have another son? What does he do? The old man leisurely walked in and sat on the sofa. As he spoke, he raised his hand forward and a door appeared out of nowhere!


Jiang Qianxue was embarrassed. The reason they were getting so much attention was because of her status as a Galaxy Aristocrat. Under normal circumstances, people would give way when they saw an Honorary Aristocrat, but they would not line up on both sides of the road bowing. This was the treatment accorded only to true-blue Galaxy Aristocrats.

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